I needed Mother’s Day.

As we drove to church I glanced at the clock. Late as usual. Why is it so hard to get in the car and out of the driveway on time? 

I didn’t care though. I was just so happy to have all my men in the car for the third Sunday in a row now. That’s like a record for us! So we’d miss the awkward handshakes. Big deal. 

The boys began to bicker in the backseat. Their usual back and forth gets under my skin, but Sunday was different. 

My heart was filled with so much love and gratitude over being their mom that there wasn’t anyway they could possibly irritate me. 

I tuned out the bickering and entered my own little out the window daydream. The noise, now muffled by my own thoughts, seemed to fade away. 

I thought about how thankful I am for these boys. All of them. 

I thought about how much they’ve grown, how much they’ve accomplished this year, and how much they bless me. Every day.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you. 

I tuned back into the sound of their voices. One now so low it he sounds like my husband if I’m not fully paying attention. The other, still the sound of a little boy. A little boy at warp speed, I might add.  

Where does the time go?

Thank you for making me their mom, Lord. Thank you for giving them to me. Thank you. 

The bickering still in full force, I glance over at my husband and we share a smile as he reaches over and rests his hand on my thigh. For one second, it’s just us and I think about how it really will be just us one day. 

Lord, please slow this life down. 

As we pulled in the parking lot, I was comforted by a few other families that seemed to be strangling in at the last possible minute too.

When we walked in the lobby was empty, as everyone (on time) was already inside. We were stopped by a sweet lady inviting us to take a Mother’s Day picture. 

I looked over at their cute set up for the moms and then back at my husband with a questioning look. 

Nobody scoffed at the idea like they usually would. Everyone smiled and looked in the same direction. 


It was 10:25 am and my day could have ended right then and there and I would have been happy. 


The rest of the day was filled with everything simple and ordinary that I love. 

A run on the treadmill without interruption. 

A quiet moment to read on the front porch. 

Presents I don’t need but thoroughly enjoy opening. 


We loaded up the car and headed to the beach in the afternoon.

The surfing lessons I’d asked my husband for were replaced with clouds, choppy water, and an overcrowded beach.

It wasn’t long before this local family decided to pack up and head back home. We could walk down later without the crowd and I was not interested in trying to get in the water without the sun out to warm me up. 

I wasn’t disappointed.

I was grateful. 

For every moment. 

Even those that turned out differently than my expectations. 

As we drove home there was no bickering.

The boys were squished together in the backseat to make room for all the beach stuff we didn’t use, and I caught a glimpse of my youngest with his head rested on his big brother’s shoulder. 

Thank you, Lord. 


I’m wiping pee crust from the toilet.

“Sorry about the beach, mom.”, my youngest hollers out to me from his game of Minecraft at my desk nearby. 

I laugh to myself at the timing of his thoughtful comment. I’m moved that he’s still thinking of me even when he’s lost in his own little world. 

I give the toilet one final wipe with a smile bigger than one I’ve had in weeks.

I walk over with my rag in hand to kiss the top of his head. He is unaware of my chore. 

“I hope you had a nice Mother’s Day”, he adds. 

I did, baby. I did. 

Thank you, Lord. 


I needed Mother’s Day this year. I needed it to remind me of just how awesome it is to be a mom. To live this life. To have these kids. To wipe the pee crust from the toilet. Again. 


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Adrienne is a Florida homeschooling mom of two boys, follower of Jesus, and lover of words. She's an imperfect parent surviving on God's grace and mercy, lots of yoga, and regular doses of salty ocean air! Find her as @TheMommyMess on Twitter and connect with her on Facebook.




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    My Mother’s Day wasn’t as low key but wonderful nonetheless. We ran around a lot lol. It’s the simple things that remind us how truly blessed we are. Beautifully written , Adrienne. Pee crust and all ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Herchel S recently posted..They know me and love meMy Profile

    • says

      Well, I hope you were able to get some peace and quiet at some point. Even running around can be a blessing if we have the right perspective. Not something I’m very good at, I might add! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      Oh thank goodness we’re not alone! I take a sigh of relief when we pull into the parking lot and I see other families scrambling to the door too.

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    It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I also needed Mother’s Day this year. I’m not a huge fan of the event and dread May when it rolls around. But this was the best Mother’s Day I ever had. Often I wonder if anyone in my house pays attention to me. Do they hear what I say? See what I do? Probably not.

    On MD morning, I was met in the kitchen with cards and candy from the kids. I love my chocolate and caramel. And a gift wrapped in shiny purple paper from my husband. I couldn’t imagine what it was. I was surprised and thrilled to find a copy of Charlotte’s Web. My favorite book as a kid. The one that went missing. The one I wrote about in my blog, but never told the story to my husband. My first thought, “He’s reading my blog. And he hears me.” I am blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. Who support me and love me and yes, sometimes even listen.

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      Mother’s Day was hard. I don’t have a good relationship with either of my mothers and it was the first Mother’s Day I spent without my grandmother. I honestly dreaded the day for a month, but my family blessed me so much that day I couldn’t help but be happy. Motherhood is a blessing!

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      I am late to everything in blog land right now. Don’t feel bad! I did have a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope yours was a blessing too! XO