Earn Dual Credit for Home School and College

 Disclosure: I received free lesson plans and study materials in exchange for my honest review of Dual Credit at Home. I was compensated for my time and social media amplification. All opinions are my own. 

Do you want to know how to help your child earn dual credit for home school and college? 

Earn college credit while homeschooling high school

Words cannot describe how proud I am of my oldest this year. It seems like yesterday that I was writing to share our struggles with Asperger’s and OCD, but it’s been three years since some of those posts were published.

My once very timid and scared little boy has been growing into one amazing young man. 

At the beginning of the year I got to listen while he spoke in front of a room full of strangers about his battle with OCD. It was only September. If he didn’t accomplish one more thing in the year, I would have been proud, but he continued to blow me away throughout the rest of the the school year. 

Believe it or not, homeschooling high school has given me so much encouragement. 

The stage of homeschooling that I thought would be the hardest has actually been the easiest part of our journey so far. 

When I’m butting heads with my 9 year old over math lessons, I can look over and see my oldest working independently and know that math won’t always be hard. 

It’s been a milestone year for my oldest in more ways than one. 

Most recently?

My baby. 

My 9th grader. 

Earned his very first college credit thanks to Dual Credit at Home

Earn college credit while homeschooling high school


What is Dual Credit at Home?

Dual Credit at Home is a company that provides study materials and lessons plans that help your high school student earn both high school and college credit by completing college level core subjects during high school. Their 49 week study plan will guide your student through the preparation for taking 13 college level exams and give them the opportunity to earn 57 college credits. 

When I found out that I would have the opportunity to review this program I was thrilled. Working with Dual Credit at Home has been great in lighting a fire under me to do some research on dual enrollment. It’s hard to believe that my son will be starting 10th grade in the fall! The more we know about dual enrollment opportunities the better. 

I figured even if my son didn’t pass the exam, the learning experience would be well worth the commitment to the program. 

Why Dual Credit?

I want to provide my children with the best foot forward for the future that I can. Helping them earn college credit during high school is a great way to give them a head start in their college years. 

Dual credit saves time and money! The CLEP exam is designed to give students credit for what they already know. The cost of the CLEP exam was a total of $105 ($85 to College Board and $25 to the testing center.) A full college course at our local state college would run about $400-$500. 

Dual enrollment of any kind is also an excellent way to meet our year end evaluation requirements. As a homeschooling parent, I’m obligated by my state to keep a record of work and earning a college credit allows me to take one big giant sigh of relief at the end of our 9th grade year. We’re heading in the right direction! 

Our Experience with Dual Credit at Home:

The program is time intensive. There’s a lot of information that’s covered and your student needs to be prepared to do the work. That being said, my son showed me he could do it.

He’s not one for going off schedule or having something like this thrown at him mid year, but potentially earning a college credit was enough to motivate him. Once I saw how much time it was going to require of him, we put a few other things to the side to make room for this. 

The lesson plans and study materials are simple to follow. My role was pretty much non-existent. I printed the lesson plans and helped him organize his study planner that was provided by Dual Credit at Home, but after that it was up to him to do the work. 

What I loved most about Dual Credit at Home was that we could take as long as we needed to complete the study plan and schedule the exam. Even though the plans are laid out week-by-week, it’s very easy to adjust them to your child’s preferred pace. My son took 9 weeks to complete a 5 week study plan and it didn’t effect the program or exam in any way. 

Earn college credit while homeschooling high school

The weekly lesson plans provide your student with a daily checklist and expected amount of time needed to complete the work. It was a 4-5 hr./day commitment. You can see how adding this onto what we were already doing for the year wasn’t so easy, but thanks to the flexibility of homeschooling we made it work. 

The course included access to SpeedyPrep.com, an online study resource. The site takes your student through the different sections of the study plan to check their retention through a series of questions that are set up much like online flashcards. 

I was able to check his progress and time spent on the site by viewing the online reports. 

Earn college credit while homeschooling high school

Overall, our experience was positive and it’s a program I can proudly recommend to others. It made preparing for the CLEP exam easy, and I’m thrilled to say, helped my son earn his first college credit! If you’re looking for a dual credit program for your high school student be sure to check out Dual Credit at Home

Tips for taking your CLEP exam:

  • Be sure to check that the college and university your student plans to attend accepts CLEP credit. We actually found that our institutions have a long list of courses that are eligible for CLEP credit, but not all the courses covered in this 49 week program were included on the list. I’m sure every institution is different, but you can find out about your institutions requirements at http://clep.collegeboard.org/
  • Make sure you have a picture I.D.-My son is only 15 and hasn’t gotten his learner’s permit yet and as a homeschool student he doesn’t have a valid student I.D. We had to go to the DMV ahead of time to get a valid state issued I.D. in order to take the exam. This was something that slipped my mind and we ended having to do this the morning of the exam. Oops. 
  • Visit the testing center or facility ahead of time. Going to an unfamiliar place to take an exam can be huge stress trigger the day of an exam. We took a practice drive to the campus, found our building, and walked to the testing room to take a peek. I think this really helped my son be more at ease the day of the test. 

The Giveaway! 

Dual Credit is giving one lucky winner a full set of 49 weekly study plans.


10 winners will receive a copy of  Passionate Parenting, by Cary Schmidt 

Use the entry form below to enter! Good luck! 

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  1. Teresa L says

    Thank you for posting this. I’ve heard about it but hadn’t heard the reviews.

  2. Micka says

    I just watched the hangout. I am blown away.. i would love to give this progam a try. It sounds like it would be a great fit for my oldest son.

    • says

      Yes, it would be. I was so surprised to learn there are so many different paths we can take to help our kids get a head start.

  3. Elizabeth C. says

    I would love to win this for my family. I could use it for a couple courses too. 😉

  4. Joyfulgiver says

    Thanks for your honest review of Dual Credit at Home. I’m looking forward to winning the program :o). Our son is going into 11th grade in the fall and Dual Credit is something we have been pondering for over a year now. Your review is giving us the necessary information we need to make an informed decision. Blessings!