I’m overflowing with thankfulness.

For you. 


For the moms who send me private emails late at night after reading a post that hit home:

Do you know how much I appreciate you?

Your emails are timed perfectly with my own self doubt. They’re like loving reminders from my Heavenly Father that this space is more than I give myself credit for. Your emails offer me comfort in knowing I’m not alone.

They warm my heart to know they’ve helped you know you’re not alone. 

Your emails hold a special place in my heart.

I can feel your desperation in your words and I’m so thankful that you found some comfort in mine. 

You encourage me to keep writing even when I’m scared to share something personal

Thank you for contacting me. 


For the people I know in real life who have found my blog (I cringe) and then blown me away with your steadfast encouragement:

Do you know how afraid I was to share my blog with you?

Do you know how much you’ve blessed me?

You’ve helped me believe in myself.

You have shown me that it’s OK to take risks, write truth, and hit publish-even if I’ll see you face-to-face this week.

Thank you for reading. 

 Thank you for encouraging me. 


For the special friends I have that don’t blog, know what a hashtag is, or even have a Facebook account, but you’ve subscribed to my email updates because you believe in me: 

You make me cry. A lot. 

When I get your text messages that you just read my recent post and you loved it?

I cry. Every single time. 

Thank you for believing in me more than I do. 


For the readers that have been here for a long time and walked through different seasons of life with me through this blog:  

I’m so thankful for your continued visits here, your comments, and more than anything-your friendship. 

I can’t imagine this space without you. 


For the people who read and never comment, reach out to me, or let me know you’re here at all:

I’m thankful for you too. I’m so glad you’re here even if I never know it. 


For anyone who has ever read this blog and left a kind word, shared my posts, or encouraged me in any way. 

I’m thankful for you. 


For the critics and the naysayers: 

I’m thankful for you too, sweet ones. 

You’ve helped me grow. 

I care less what people think about me because of you. 

Thank you. 


For the people that have become real friends, some of whom I may never meet in person: I love you.

You’ve shown me that friendship doesn’t always look one way and meeting people online isn’t creepy. 

You’ve shown me that friends aren’t defined by geography. They’re defined by their heart.

Blog friends are real and I’m so thankful for you! 


For the amazing people I’ve met through blogging that have inspired me with your own words:

Thank you. 

Thank you for writing hard truths, sharing your stories, and being real. 

You inspire me. 


I’m so thankful to live in a world where we can connect with so many amazing people that we would otherwise never come in contact with under normal social circumstances. I’m thankful for the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and all the craziness that is social media and blogging because it’s lead me to you-an amazing group of people that I love dearly. 


I’m overflowing with thankfulness over you today.

I just want you to know that. 


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Adrienne is a Florida homeschooling mom of two boys, follower of Jesus, and lover of words. She's an imperfect parent surviving on God's grace and mercy, lots of yoga, and regular doses of salty ocean air! Find her as @TheMommyMess on Twitter and connect with her on Facebook.




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      I have been too! I just can’t seem to dedicate the time I used to to reading and visiting other blogs. I’m so grateful for the readers that still come here, even though I don’t always reciprocate.