DIY Bug House

Last week we made DIY bug houses in my homeschool co-op class and they were a hit! We’re learning all about flying creatures this year in science, and yes, that includes lots of bugs.

This DIY bug house is super simple to do, as any craft I attempt should be. 

DIT bug house

What you need:

  • wide mouth plastic jar
  • duck tape
  • utility knife
  • window screen
  • sharpies 

What you do:

Tell your husband you plan to cut holes in 20 wide mouth plastic jars with a sharp utility knife. Nonchalantly turn and head into the garage.

He’ll come after you and insist you should not be trusted with sharp knives (true) and cut the holes for you in a fraction of the time it would take you.

You obviously don’t need 20 jars, but I did for my class. 

DIY Bug House
Husband craft with cold beer.

Then, cut a piece of window screening big enough to cover the hole. 


I found screen at my local hardware store.

Our hardware store is a  tiny little mom and pop shop that I like to go to when I don’t feel like going far, which is pretty much every day. They sell everything you can think at high touristy prices I’m happy to pay. Support local business, right?

Plus? I’m sure I’d spend that much in gas to get to Home Depot anyway. 

I’m telling you this because I have no idea what asile to tell you to find window screening on at Home Depot. 

I asked the nice man behind the counter. I literally said, “I’m looking for screen.” as I wondered if that’s even what I should be calling it. 

Sure enough! They do sell screen. In rolls. 

You need some of that. 

DIY Bug House

Adhere the screen over the hole with duct tape.

I bought an assortment of different patterns of tape for our class. My favorite? A roll that was covered in pickles and said “Dill with it!” all over. 


White works great for the kid who wants to decorate his own. (my son)

Decorate with sharpies if you wish and use excessive amounts of duct tape in places that don’t need tape just because you can. 

“Bee Base”

Now you have a your very own bug house!

Go find bugs. 

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