I will remain faithful.

I found it hard to sit in church on Sunday morning. As the the choir belted out “Joy to the World”, my heart was crushed by its own emptiness.  I had no joy.

I am brokenhearted, angry, and confused.

When something so tragic happens, our faith is shaken and we want to scream at God!

psalms for the brokenhearted

I want to scream from the rooftop!

Why, God?!

How could you let this happen!?

Where were you?! 

Although, I will never understand why God allowed the events of the past week to unfold, I find comfort in knowing that He knows the pain of the mothers and fathers who grieve the loss of their precious little ones.

After all, He gave His only son for us, an evil and depraved world.

matthew 11

Scripture tells us that after Christ was born, the orders of an evil king were carried out, and the cries of grieving mothers could be heard for miles.

It doesn’t help me understand it, but at least we are not alone.

matthew 2

I pray that the parents of Sandy Hook can and will be comforted by a nation who grieves alongside them. A nation who is praying for them. A nation who loves them and will forever carry the memory of this tragedy in our hearts.

I will remain faithful.

We are hurting, but that doesn’t make God any less powerful.

I will remain in Him.

psalm 130

I will put my hope in Him, even though my heart cannot understand.

May the families of Sandy Hook be blessed by the many posts of prayers and thoughts that are circulating online.

We are with you.

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Adrienne is a Florida homeschooling mom of two boys, follower of Jesus, and lover of words. She's an imperfect parent surviving on God's grace and mercy, lots of yoga, and regular doses of salty ocean air! Find her as @TheMommyMess on Twitter and connect with her on Facebook.




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    Our sunday service was the Christmas Pageant. It was such a burst of sunshine and innocence during an overwhelmingly sad time. AND it was healing to see all those children having fun and enjoying life and reminding us all that we still have some light when the darkness seems all consuming…
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