A Review of Open Boxes and a $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

I received a copy of Open Boxes in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Open Boxes Review and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


A celebration of the human spirit, Open Boxes is a collection of stories that doesn’t just tell readers – but shows readers – how to live fully and connect deeply by reveling in the sacred within our everyday lives. Through stories about everything from spirituality and parenting, self-acceptance and friendship, shopping at Old Navy and bowling with preschoolers, readers will be inspired to gently lift the lids off of their compartmentalized lives and tie together the torn and tattered pieces that lie inside in order to live more fully and connect more deeply with the people and world around them. Open Boxes is filled with stories of comfort, struggle, heartache, joy, insight, compassion, resilience, and redemption. Like a cup of coffee with a good friend, the stories will soothe and inspire, uplift and motivate, entertain and encourage.


Reading Christine’s writing is a lot like you’re chatting with a friend. Her words are personal somehow. They feel like they’re for the reader not the author. There’s something special between her lines and her writing style is smooth like butter. I could read it for days. 

The collection of stories in the book are honest heartfelt snippets of the author’s life. Each story is its own chapter so the book felt like an easy read. It was something I wanted to go back to. Almost a like a collection of blog posts worth reading except they’re all from the same person. The book has a quick flow and it’s great to pick up when you only have a minute or two to read. I always wanted to read the next story. And the next one. And the one after…

You will too! 

Three themes are illustrated through the author’s stories. Wonder, Grace, and Miracles. 

I love how the book inspired me to clear the fog away and look for the wonder, grace, and miracles in every day moments. It reminded me how much I’m missing by not intentionally lookingWe have to be intentional. We need to be intentional about connecting with others, showing love and kindness, and being open to the receive the same from others. This was just my take away. 

The analogy of open boxes will be one that sticks with me for a long time. 

When we box up our lives, we set boundaries and draw clear lines, hiding vulnerabilities,isolating spiritual practices from our daily routine, and separating family from career from faith. Box-keeping doesn’t work all thatwell for those of us who want a life of meaning, purpose, and joy.While these tiny little boxes—with their neat rows and pretty exteriors—might give the illusion of order and put-together-ness,they also hide all the messy goodness inside. 

I did struggle to fully connect with the author when it came to faith. I think we share many of the same beliefs, but I probably lean more toward the fundamental (for lack of a better word) side than the author. Although I didn’t always fully connect here, her words and heart continued to draw me in. I wasn’t turned off by the tinge of difference. I wanted to get to know the author better and I felt like I did through reading each beautiful story. 

The book is currently available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s one worth adding to your reading list. 

And because it’s my birthday today?

I’m giving away a $25 Amazon gift card so you can buy this book or any other books you have on your summer reading wish list. 

Open Boxes Review and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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