Homeschool Mom Confessions: I Don’t Like Hands-On Activities

I Don't Like Hands-on Activities -

I have a confession to make. I write and speak a lot about the importance of hands-on activities as part of children’s learning experiences, but I really don’t like hands-on activities. It’s shocking, I know. I really do believe that hands-on activities are important for all children and are critical for children with special needs, […]


I Almost Missed It


Every October for the past five years we’ve gone on a field trip to the petting farm. The kids get a hands-on tour of the farm complete with chasing chickens, holding baby ducks, and all the animal poop one could hope for.   The Fall tour ends perfectly with a hayride and pumpkin patch where each child […]


The One About Balance

untangling knots

I’ve been struggling to find balance in life lately. Parenting, homeschooling, marriage, business, blogging and anything else I’m forgetting to mention have all got me tangled in knots.  I feel like I’m being pulled in a thousand different directions at once. It seems like something’s always got to give and it’s usually this space.  I hope that […]